New Product Development

We’ve been working on two new herbals to expand our product line: A hand sanitizer and a liniment. Ingredients for one arrived just this week and others are on their way. I can hardly wait to get back into the studio to start experimenting again!

I want to design a hand sanitizer that fights germs, including bacteria, fungus, viruses, and microbes, while supporting the healthy balance of good bacterias that soft, smooth skin needs to stay supple and strong. I’m playing with a new alcohol-based gel that’s much like commercial hand sanitizers, but I’m also beginning to experiment with some other more natural, less-chemical solutions, too.

You’ll have to just stay-tuned to hear more about the liniment. I’ve had several requests feeding the ideas already stirring in my mind. It’s too early to say which of the many actions I’ll aim to accomplish with this one, but I can assure you the next few weeks will be highly experimental and loads of fun as I figure it out.