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dragons kiss herbal salveDragon’s Kiss Herbal Salve – Heal Bruises, Soothe Sore Muscles and Tendons

  • Calms Aggrevated Muscles
  • Reduces Bruising
  • Promotes Gentle Healing
  • Beeswax & Other Natural Ingredients
  • Stores easily in your gear bag 

Dragon’s Kiss Salve helps your skin and muscles to heal gently. Arnica, rosemary, borage seed oil and beeswax form a powerful base for restoring overworked tissues and calming aggravated muscles. Our essential oil blend provides balanced circulation, allowing the tissues to cool gently as your body works to heal itself. Read More…

Half Ounce Dragon’s Kiss $8

One-Ounce Dragon’s Kiss $14

gear defenderGear Defender for Sanitizing Your Athletic Gear

  • Natural Sanitizer
  • Anti-Fungal and Anti-Microbial
  • Convenient Size
  • Contains Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Just wipe donw your gear and spray

 Gear Defender was designed to keep sparring gear clean and fresh no matter how sweaty it gets. We know how challenging it is to keep any athletic gear clean and hygienic. Our blend of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial essential oils includes Tea Tree, the essential oil shown in many clinical and scientific studies to be effective at removing MRSA (Staph infection) bacteria. Read More…

2 oz Gear Defender $8

8 oz Gear Defender $20